only the compositions that are already performed and/or released.
listed by date of composition.

İçteki Semai (2021)
for ney, kanun, tanbur, violin and violoncello

Detritus, Acheron (2021)
(for ten guitars and electronic effects)

Hatalı Soyutlamalar I-II-III (2020)
I – Kök (for two guitars)
II – Söğütler (for two bass guitars, one guitar and electronic effects)
III – Meşeler (for solo guitar and electronic effects)

A Pulse After The Machine Has Stopped (2017-2020)
(for two electric guitars and electronics)
(A previous version was performed with the title “A Pulse as The Machine Stops”, by Enis Gümüş, Aslı Kobaner and Fulya Uçanok)

Terraforming (2019)
for live electronics

The earth falls to the ground (2018)
for soprano voice and alto saxophone
Performed by:
Sara Moreira Marques (soprano) and Sarah Wünsche (alto saxophone) (2018)
Deniz Güngören (Voice) and Bera Romairone (alto saxophone) (2020)

Semai in Semai (2017)
for microtonal guitar Quartet
Performed by:
Tolgahan Çoğulu, Tufan Kurdoğlu, Adrian Lieb, Silas Bischoff (2017, Würzburg)
Aydin Pfeiffer, Vojtech Jelinek, Silas Bischoff, Eduard Hausauer (2019, Florence)

Songs Echoing over Mountainous Cities with No People” (2017)
for duduk, bass clarinet, string quartet, piano and percussion
Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble (2017)

Best Ignored (2017)
for live electronics

Al-Kindi (2017)
for 5 string guitar
on Al-Kindi’s our frets from 9th century

The Reward (2015)
(afl, eh, mar, pf, v, va, db)
Performed by Eendagsliedereen musicians

For Mortals, in Ten Thousand Streams (2015)
(fl, cl, perc, 2vl, vla, vlc)
Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble (2017)

The Hymn (2015)
(On Le Guin’s “The Dispossessed”) for guitar

Brackets on the River (2014)
(string quartet, perc, pf)
Performed by Hezarfen Ensemble

Gazel (2014)
(fl, cl, tbn, pf, vl, vla, vlc)
Performed by Ensemble Garage

Gönüllü Ölü (2014)
for tenor, alt-sax. and piano
Performed by Eendagsliedereen musicians

J’ai tendu des cordes de clocher a clocher (2013)
(for countertenor and piano)

Lethe… verloren tijd (2012)
(vl, vcl, perc, piano)

Detritus, Lethe (2012)
Electroacoustic composition

Alienate. (2012)
(fl, ob, cl, mandolin, guitar, hrp, pf, perc, vl, vla, vlc, db)
Performed by Nieuw Ensemble

Earthen Books and Petrichor(2012)
(2ob, 2cl, 2bhn, 4hn, 2bsn, db)
Performed by Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

From the Realm of Necessity to the Realm of Freedom (2011)
for tape

Creating Unnecessary Troubles Over Non-Existing Whatevers (2011)
(ob, cl, tpt, perc, pf, vla, vlc)
Performed by Asko|Schönberg

Başına Bağlamış Astar’dan (2010)
for kanun and piano

Başına Bağlamış Astar (2009)
for clarinet, kanun, violin and violoncello

Eski Müzik 2 – SSK Okmeydanı (2008)
for flute and piano